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Short Story 01: The Woodcutter’s Son-Part 1

Cliff grasped the dark green moss-covered log with both hands, hoisting it onto his right shoulder. Black beetles crawled over his fingers and up his sleeves. He lost his grip and the log crashed into a grove of aspen saplings. There was a high-pitched squeal as something small on two legs scurried away, kicking up a… Continue reading Short Story 01: The Woodcutter’s Son-Part 1

Writing Adventures

NEW Writing/Author Focus!

Hi! Calli here. It has been awhile. What with Graduation craziness I have been unable to keep up with this blog. To all Introvert followers, I will continue posting about this topic. However, it will no longer be the TOTAL focus. You can find those posts under the category entitled Introvertigo.  As a creative writing (soon-to-be)… Continue reading NEW Writing/Author Focus!