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Short Story 01: The Woodcutter’s Son-Part 1

Cliff grasped the dark green moss-covered log with both hands, hoisting it onto his right shoulder. Black beetles crawled over his fingers and up his sleeves. He lost his grip and the log crashed into a grove of aspen saplings. There was a high-pitched squeal as something small on two legs scurried away, kicking up a… Continue reading Short Story 01: The Woodcutter’s Son-Part 1

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Introverts and Family: Sister Socks!

Due to the loner personality of most (not all) introverts, family relationships are very important. Personally, I struggle with putting up walls way too high. People have trouble breaking them down and most (sadly) give up. I am then left with the question: “What is wrong with me?” When in reality (I see now), I… Continue reading Introverts and Family: Sister Socks!