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Short Story 01: The Woodcutter’s Son-Part 1

Cliff grasped the dark green moss-covered log with both hands, hoisting it onto his right shoulder. Black beetles crawled over his fingers and up his sleeves. He lost his grip and the log crashed into a grove of aspen saplings. There was a high-pitched squeal as something small on two legs scurried away, kicking up a… Continue reading Short Story 01: The Woodcutter’s Son-Part 1

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Flash Fiction 01: Runaway Bride

Her mouth was turned upwards in a half-smile. The trails of dried tears on her cheeks stark against the muddy background of her face. Her black hair billowed around her, mixing with the delicate fabrics of her ivory wedding dress. Mud was splattered on the hem. "Clara!" A man's gruff voice carried with the wind. Her… Continue reading Flash Fiction 01: Runaway Bride