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Success Story: Dr Kerisa Myers-An Introvert Taking Control of an Uncomfortable Situation.


This post is inspired by a “customer” success story. Dr. Kerisa Myers read my blog, and it affected and helped her in a real life situation.

  1. Talk a little bit about what you have learned about yourself/introversion a from this blog.

“It was very interesting to read and hear about perspectives on this topic and examples of activities introverts do – which I had done in the past!”

  1. Tell the short story of how it impacted your behavior and thinking regarding the bible study.

“I had asked myself if it was “wrong” to not (want to) stay for the small group sharing of answers from the Bible study at our church, and to only to go to the worship and teaching time. I have, and I could, stay for the small group time, but lately just not feeling to do so just for the sake of doing so (does that make sense?!). I had stayed a couple weeks, but at the last study, I did leave after the Bible teaching time.”

  1. Maybe try to describe how it felt to take care of your inner introvert in that way. Did you feel guilty? Happy? Better? etc.

“I definitely had some feelings of guilt but the “better” feelings were stronger. Relief would be another descriptor. I can feel very uncomfortable to volunteer answers, but do so because I feel I should/it is expected of me.”

By not participating in the “small group sharing of answers,” Dr. Myers was able to participate in the bible study, while also taking care of herself as an introvert. In this way, she stood up for herself and realized that it was okay to remove herself from an uncomfortable situation.

She took charge!

More importantly, she took care of herself and paid attention to her needs as an introvert. Finally, this is what she said regarding the experience of sharing her story on this blog:

“It was very interesting and I enjoyed participating!” -Dr. Kerisa Myers

Have you had any experiences like this? Have you ever taken charge, and removed yourself from an uncomfortable situation? If you have any thoughts, comments, or stories? Let me know! 🙂


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