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How to Handle Being an Introvert and a Teacher/Professor

An Interview with Professor Cynthia Beach of Cornerstone University, Grand Rapids, Michigan.

In this interview, Professor Beach talks about her journey as an Introvert and a Professor.

P.S. Professor Beach is my advisor, professor, and mentor. Her steady quiet confidence and love for people continues to astound me. I aspire to be more like her every day as I continue down the ever-winding (occasionally harrowing) path of life. She has inspired me by exemplifying that introversion doesn’t have to be a handicap; introverts can have successful careers and meaningful relationships with people.

Do you have any introvert success stories? When has introversion been a positive in your life? Let me know in the comment section below!


4 thoughts on “How to Handle Being an Introvert and a Teacher/Professor”

  1. Very nice job, Calli! I can identify strongly with Professor Beach’s comment about having a role being helpful, the focus can be outward and not on self. Also, I have actually felt different when I’ve had roles/titles, like bigger than just myself. Hope that makes sense.

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